Credit cards through PAYPAL

It's easy to pay for this item using PAYPAL, and you can avoid the delay of sending cash, a check or money order.

Your payment information is encrypted and kept confidential (I never see it).

You can use your Visa, Mastercard, Discover card, or checking account to pay for this item.

There is no fee if you would like to choose this payment method (only the seller is charged a transaction fee).

Here is a pop-up link that will tell you more about:

Acceptance Mark



Certified Cheque
(ie. check - to Americans) drawn on a U.S. bank account;

International Money Order in U.S. dollars;

or U.S. CASH sent via registered mail (to limit your risk, as we cannot guarantee the postal services of any country). (Yes, you can send payment in U.S. dollars to Canada. Don't believe it if your financial institution tries to tell you otherwise!)

[ Note: Personal (uncertified) cheques (in U.S. dollars) will be held for clearance for up to thirty business days. Which means that your order won't be sent for about a month which is not a good thing. Please consider this fact before you send out a personal cheque.]

All cheques should be made payable to Molten Core inU.S. dollars ONLY. Orders will only be sent the next business day following our receipt of payment in full. Did we say those payments MUST be in U.S. dollars?

Special Note on Payments from the United States of America

1. ALL money orders purchased at any A) ANY U.S. bank or B) ANY Western Union Office can be cashed in Canada.

2. A CERTIFIED check from ANY U.S. bank is cashable in Canada.

*Special Note for Canadian Orders Only

Canadian orders ONLY will be converted and invoiced from the USD price to CAD payable at the rate of exchange in effect on day of purchase.

Canadian orders must add 5% GST (GST Registration 87354 2963 RT0001). We know, its unfair, but unfortunately if you live in Canada it's also the LAW.

Ontario orders must also add 8% PST. Ontarians, please complain to your provincial member of parliament, not to us. If you can claim a valid PST exemption, you will need to provide us with your PST#.



Return Policy

At Molten Core we believe our grading to be an accurate and satisfactory indication of the quality of our merchandise. Also, due to the nature of the collectibles market in general we have established the following policy.

Vinyl: Credit toward future purchase ONLY. Purchaser must notify Molten Core within 10 days of receipt of shipment of original purchase for return authorization. No refunds. Return shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser. Paper & Other Collectibles: All Sales Final. No refunds or exchanges.