Molten Core

is an online music store specializing in vinyl records (lps, 45s, 78s, 8-tracks, cassettes, reels) and... music memorabilia (books, magazines, posters, promo items, press kits etc.)

Molten Core has been doing music mail order for ten years and counting!

Our databases currently contain over 18,000 vinyl records, 1,500 music magazines, 1,300 assorted memorabilia items and 750 books BUT... this represents is only a FRACTION of our current stock!! We have 1000s of items in stock (with new items coming in weekly) which ARE NOT in a database yet!!!

We specialize in all genres of rock but also have a wide selection of soundtracks, jazz, electronic, techno, classical, folk, blues, krautrock, avant-garde, improvised, reggae, funk, country, spoken word & more!! Lots of obscure & out-of-print titles and pressing from all over the world!

We WILL ship ANYWHERE in the world and pride ourselves on having FANTASTIC repeat customers in over 40 countries worldwide!

Molten Core brings over 25 years of retail music experience to the web to offer customers a comprehensive selection of music & collectibles by mail.

Our location is another one of our strengths. Toronto, Canada is an established pop culture mecca. Jazz and Folk have flourished here for decades. The Beatles' first North American radio play was on a local station. Toronto is also located in the middle of one of North America's largest populated areas. As such Toronto offers a wide and deep collecting base meaning we come across tons of new and rare goodies for our customers!!

Because our inventory is constantly changing, only a fraction of our stock is offered at any one time, and we update our list frequently. If you can not find what you are looking for please e-mail your want list to us.





We are located on the physical plane @

Molten Core
P.O. Box 577, Etobicoke D
Toronto, Ontario
M9A 4X4